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In 1550 the city' council commissioned Giovanni Battista di Quadro to carry out a major rebuilding. Di Quadro added an upper storey, extended the building towards the west, and added attic walls and a three-storey loggia.

A new clock (installed 1551) was made with three full faces and one half-face, and with goats added as a "comic element" (see next section).

Pre-dynastic brachycephalic dogs Engravings on an ivory sceptre head found in Hierakonpolis, showing a row of lions and broad-skulled dogs (Quibell [8], 1900, cited in Osborn and Osbernov, 1998) Rock art in Sahara mountains. Found in Hill station at Sefar, Tassili-n-Ajjer , Algeria. Artworks indicate that the commoners raised dogs for utilitarian purposes. Remains of the dog only date back from 800 CE onward, once the Bantu people arrived. He was an ugly creature, his body being shaped like that of a jackal, and the hair on his spine being turned forward; but he was a faithful, serviceable animal of his kind" Bushmen hunted for ages without dogs.

In 1675 the tower, clock and goats were destroyed by lightning.

The tower was rebuilt in 1690 to a height of 90 metres (300 ft).

(Siber [10], 1893 cited in Tschudy, 1923) Common village dogs as well as selectively bred dogs of the aristocracy flourished throughout Neolithic days and the Bronze- and Iron Ages in Ancient Egypt.

Continued at top of next column The hieroglyphic sign for the dog.

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Pre-dynastic Tesem Two slender gaze hounds wearing collars (top right) are pursuing a hare and an antelope. Numerous embalmed dogs have been found, indicating that this animal was integral to Ancient Egyptian mythology. The practice was introduced with the arrival of the Early Iron Age.

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