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Both industry and government have worked to ensure that Cirrus pilots don’t know the score. A while back the instrument rating requirements were drastically reduced making the rating both less expensive and potentially more lethal.

This was in response to pressure from general aviation interests, especially AOPA.

A person with an instrument rating might know something about operating on an IFR flight plan but know nothing of cloud flying.

When everything is considered, the Cirrus record is what it is and will remain ever so unless some pretty drastic steps are taken.

After work, and after darkness set in, he flew an IFR trip to an airport located in rough terrain. This was a relatively inexperienced pilot and you can read between the lines of the NTSB report and contemplate several things.

To me it is likely that there was some sort of distraction or confusion that caused the pilot to lose control. Autopilots have been known to cause confusion if not used correctly.

You can look at Flight Aware’s listing by type of airplanes in the IFR system at any given moment and there will be a lot of SR-22s in there.

In fact there are usually more than any other GA type that is used for transportation.

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From the beginning the Cirrus has been sold as a transportation machine.

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