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Bill keeps interfering with Lisa's attempts at a new life. See full summary » Director: Bethany Rooney Two stories for the price of one: Lenny works in a video shop and tries to get aquainted with the waitress Lea.

Leo beats his pregnant wife, Louise, which is a VERY bad idea, as her brother, Louis, is a violent racist.

These voices inspire a connection and understanding seldom experienced by those who lack direct experience with the streets (from Downtowners web site).

When Nicole met David; handsome, charming, affectionate, he was everything.

Using films made by and for teens is a good way to develop rapport and raise and honor the voices of youth.

An uplifting and surprisingly funny film that accessibly demonstrates how gender-based expectations are deeply intertwined with homophobia, and are also impacted by race, ethnicity, and class (from DVD jacket).

Downtowners (DVD) Downtowners shares the voices of young people who are homeless in Olympia, WA, as they explore issues such as sexual violence, public space, gender roles, street culture, and community perceptions.

Support the American film industry by purchasing genuine DVD or VHS copies of these films. Make sure your money goes to the producers and artists who actually create these films.

Images from the film are used here as teasers to get you to view an authorized copy.

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