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MAJOR FIGURES IN ANCIENT/CLASSICAL HISTORY Names of Major Figures in Ancient and Classical History NAMES OF NUMIDIA AND MAURETANIA Numidia and Mauretania were originally Berber kingdoms to the west of Carthage. NAMES IN CHESHAM List includes one example of each given name spelling and most surname spellings found between 15/1 inclusive SURNAMES IN DURHAM AND NORTHUMBERLAND Lists over 5,000 surnames recorded in Durham and Northumberland between 15 CHAMORU NAMES FROM EARLY 18TH CENTURY GUAM Names from two early census records taken on Guam, in 17, telling the story of the horror and despair of a people brutalized by war, disease and slavery. EGYPTIAN NAMES Since Egyptian hieroglyphs did not use vowels, there are many spelling variations. OLD KINGDOM EGYPTIAN FEMALE NAMES Also included are a few predynastic names that are clearly indicated OLD KINGDOM EGYPTIAN MALE NAMES List of names with meanings & origin PHOENICIAN NAMES The cities of Phoenicia were dominated by the Egyptians, Amorites, the Hyksos, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans at various times in their long history. NAMES OF PREHISTORIC GODDESSES A long list with descriptions GLOSSARY OF ANCIENT EGYPTIAN TERMS AND NAMES Long list of names or words from Ancient Egypt, with descriptions MONGOL WOMEN'S NAMES A short list of women's names culled from secondary sources ranging from the 12th to the 17th century.

The people were made up of nomadic mountain pastoralists and settled farmers along the coast. FIRST NAMES FROM SANSKRIT Great list of names, with meanings JEWISH NAMES IN THE WORLD OF MEDIEVAL ISLAM A list of Names of Medieval Jewish Merchants MEDIEVAL MONSTERS Long list of medieval & ancient monsters NORSE MONSTERS Short list of names of mythical creatures and monsters found in Norse and Germanic myths ANCIENT HITTITE NAMES The Hittites ruled what will later be called Syria. COMPOSERS OF THE FOURTEENTH CENTURY Huge alphabetical list of names WOMEN'S NAMES OF THE PHARAOHS OF EGYPT Names of the "other half" EGYPTIAN MALE NAMES Egypt is home to one of the earliest known civilizations of the world. MONGOL NAMES IN 13TH CENTURY LATIN A list of Mongol given names as recorded in a 13th century Latin document.

FAIRE NAMES FOR ENGLISH FOLK Late Sixteenth Century English Names - lists of common men's and women's given names, a list of more than 1000 surnames, and discussion of patterns of name construction. All the pre-1600 feminine names names are presented here indexed by period: before 1250, 1250 to 1450, and after 1450.

FEMININE ENGLISH GIVEN NAMES This dictionary, by P. FOURTEENTH CENTURY VENETIAN PERSONAL NAMES Lists of men's and women's given names, variants and diminutives MASCULINE NAMES FROM THIRTEENTH CENTURY PISA An excellent analysis of more than 4000 masculine names that appear in an alliance signed in 1228 HUNGARIAN PERSONAL NAMES OF THE 16TH CENTURY Alphabetically organised. HUNGARIAN FEMININE NAMES Most given names in medieval and Renaissance Hungary are variants of Christian names common throughout Europe, though there are also names of Latin, German, and Slavic origin. SPANISH NAMES FROM THE LATE 15TH CENTURY This list reflects both traditional names that had been used for centuries and new names that were beginning to come into use. DUTCH WOMEN'S' NAMES BEFORE 1100 List of women's names recorded prior to 1100 in the Low Countries (which are today Belgium and the Netherlands) CORNISH (AND OTHER CELTIC) NAMES From the 10th Century WELSH NAMES FROM 1327 With adaptations and English versions MEDIEVAL GERMAN GIVEN NAMES FROM SILESIA A very long list of names from the 14th and 15th centuries OLD GERMAN NAMES These names are often in Latin form as that is how they were recorded by medieval authors.

A series of religious conflicts followed, known as the French Wars of Religion, fought intermittently from 1562 to 1598.

The Huguenots were led by Jeanne d'Albret, her son, the future Henry IV, and the princes of Condé.

Male, female & surnames NAMES OF FAMOUS BARBARIANS Wonderful list of the historical European Iron-Age barbarians ARTHURIAN NAMES & PLACESNot many here, but interesting non-the-less. OLD KINGDOM NAMES Good list of ancient names of Egypt ANCIENT CHINESE NAMES A list of super names to choose from. ANCIENT ARMENIAN/URARTIAN NAMES In Assyrian times, the region of Armenia was called "Urartu". They lived north of Canaan in a narrow strip of land by the Mediterranean Sea. ITALIAN NAMES FROM FLORENCE, 1427 List of names taken from a tax census of the city of Florence in 1427. EARLY ITALIAN NAMES Common Italian Names in the Early 14th Century ITALIAN RENAISSANCE WOMEN'S NAMES A list of Italian feminine names from Florence in the 14th and 15th centuries MEDIEVAL ITALIAN NAMES The wide range of names in use during medieval and Renaissance times has declined but some of these may still be found LOMBARDIC NAMES The Lombards or Langobards were one of the Germanic groups who settled in Italy after the fall of Rome.

HUNGARIAN FEMININE NAMES List of women's names recorded prior to 1600 RULERS FROM MOLDAVIA TILL 1859 Medieval Romanian names list MEDIEVAL LATVIAN GIVEN NAMES Both feminine and masculine names are listed, first by year, then gender, and then alphabetically. 16TH CENTURY SPANISH NAMES Lists of masculine & feminine names and bynames MEDIEVAL SPANISH NAMES Long lists of names from the Monastery of Sahagun ANDALUSIAN NAMES: ARABS IN SPAIN Lists of masculine and feminine given names and bynames from 8th to 12th century Andalusia records. GERMAN GIVEN NAMES 1200-1250 Lists of names found before 1200 and in the period 1200-1250 BASQUE FEMININE NAMES A list of Basque feminine given names and bynames found in various medieval sources 10TH CENTURY FRISIAN MASCULINE NAMES A list of 10th century medieval Frisian names recorded in Latin documents NAMES FROM THE GENIZA OF CAIRO Names of over 200 Jewish women's names from the Middle Ages, preserved in the Geniza documents PERIOD ARABIC NAMES Names lists consist of period (pre-1600 A.

MOLDAVIAN NAMES Names from the Royal Lines of Moldavia and Wallachia from c.1351 to 1859 MASCULINE OGHAM NAMES Nominative, Genitive & Old Irish Form of names EARLY PORTUGUESE NAMES The names come from a few of the earliest documents written in Portuguese, which date to around 1200. PORTUGUESE NAMES FROM THE 16TH CENTURY Intensive & complete VISIGOTHIC AND OSTROGOTHIC NAMES (SPAIN) The Visigoths and Ostrogoths were two Gothic or Germanic kingdoms that rose after the sack of Rome in 410 A. D.) Arabic names and name elements, having been selected from names of people who lived during that time.

ARTHURIAN LEGEND NAMESMale and female names, with meanings. They invaded in 568 and established their own kingdom in the north with a capital at Monza CORNISH (AND OTHER CELTIC) NAMES From the 10th Century WELSH NAMES FROM 1327 With adaptations and English versions ELIZABETHAN NAMES A list of what parents were really naming their children back then LIST OF COMMON ELIZABETHAN NAMES Names are listed with the typical version first and variations thereof in italics afterwards GIVEN NAMES FROM BRITTANY From parish register entries from the town of Croissic in south-eastern Brittany from the years 1384 to ca.

ANGLO-SAXON RELIGIOUS NAMES Gods, Goddesses and Descendants of Woden ANCIENT INDIAN NAMES Mostly male names here. INDIAN MYTHOLOGY NAMES Indian Mythology offers many names for the Sun. 1600 SURNAMES IN 15TH CENTURY YORK Alphabetical, based on information from the 15th century financial accounts from the masters of Ouse Bridge and Foss Bridge NAMES OF ANGLO-SAXON RULERS In Northumbria, Deira, Bernicia, Essex, Mercia, Wessex, East Anglia, Kent, England NAMES OF MEMBERS OF THE FROBISHER VOYAGES An analysis of 583 names of men who participated in these explorations of the New World 1576-1578.

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The wars ended with the Edict of Nantes, which granted the Huguenots substantial religious, political, and military autonomy.

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